Exotic, vibrant, energized; such is the festival of Holi, celebrated throughout India, with utmost enthusiasm. While Holi is pious and must be enjoyed with dignity and sanctity, what most of us often associate with this festival of colors is a nonchalant attitude of “Bura na mano, Holi hai”. This approach itself can be very precarious for the simple reason that how we conduct ourselves throughout the carefree celebration of Holi speaks volumes about who we are.

Although one must have fun, adhering to some self-restraining practices can help everyone enjoy this fun-filled festival with grace. Here are some recommendations that can help you play Holi amicably!

responsible side

Ask for Permission: 

There are many people who do not share the conventional methods of Holi celebrations ..ie.. playing with color or getting drenched in water. It is important to be respectful of those who want to celebrate this festival differently than you do. Adhering to this simple rule will positively promote your image in the society.

Play Responsibly: 

Fun as it may be, this festival leads to a criminal waste of water. Responsibility calls for us to look for alternative means to have as much fun, minimizing wastage of such an important natural resource.

Also, one must remember that traditionally, the use of color was restricted to natural colors like turmeric, multaani mitti and herbal colors. The rampant use of chemical based Holi colors that cause more harm than fun can also tarnish your image and reputation by making you appear irresponsible.

 Dress Appropriately: 

While white is the color that is usually associated with Holi, it should look both classy and elegant as you sport it on Holi day. If what you wear is uncomfortable or does not dry up quickly, it can put you in an embarrassing position- something you must avoid at all costs. 

Play safe holi

Practice Moderation:

Given how crazy Holi is by default, over indulgence in any form of intoxicity, such as alcohol or the traditional Bhang could lower inhibitions further and make you  reach a point where you're not entirely in control of your body. Any such thing is sure to leave a bad taste and ensure a depraved image as well. 

Also, when it comes to gambling, an important part of Holi, yes you can let your hair down but do not engage in excesses and cause massive losses to both your pocket as well as your reputation in the society.  

As far as the festive mood is concerned, one must take special care in ensuring that your behavior does not become the reason of inconvenience to others and make you look poor in public eye.

Your image is a part of you, festivities or not. So, act responsible, appear respectable and enjoy the festival of colors with poise!