Leadership Gravitas And Charisma

The Client: A Real Estate Company

The Need: 30 senior leaders needed to be trained for executive presence including the promoters. After several years of successful business the promoters realised the importance of improving their personal branding, image, communication and overall gravitas to UP their game in the industry.

Samira interviewed key stakeholders throughout the organisation and collected feedback for the leaders. Through this process, it was determined that the leaders had different visions for the company and were not able to convey the right message to the employees. It was observed that the employees were not inspired & motivated by the leadership presence and style. The coach worked with the leaders to help them solidify their presence using power dressing, communication, body language and overall strategy to lead effectively and set good examples for the employees. The coach also worked with them to use empathy, emotional intelligence to build rapport and results.

The Result: A significant change in the senior management team was achieved. They dressed appropriately and attractively, created a strong presence within the organisation as well in industry forums. They felt more confident, created rapport easily, were able to drive and inspire their respective teams, which directly impacted the productivity increasing the business volumes.