Image Management

What is Image Consulting?

A form of Art, The Artist is the Image Consultant, The Canvas is the Client & The medium is Clothing, Grooming, Etiquette & Body language.

Samira uses her years of Corporate Experience and the deep acquired Knowledge of the various Elements of Image Management to Empower her Clients to reflect & project the Confidence and the Competence that comes from an Authentic-Appropriate- Attractive Appearance, Appropriate Behaviour & Effective Communication for all Personal, Social and Professional situations.

What is Image Consulting?

Image Management is an ongoing process of Evaluating and Managing the impact of your Appearance, Behavior & Communication on You, on Others and on the Achievement of your Goals.

It is all about Respect — Respect for Self, Respect for Others, Respect for Occasions, Respect for Roles and Roals. It is smart to practice Image Management daily — At home, at school, in the community and at the workplace.

Some people have a natural ability to present themselves appropriately and attractively. Most do not. The good news is that Image Management skills can be learned, and practised till they become your second nature.

How Image Consultant Samira Gupta can help you :

By understanding your specific needs, shewill help you bring out a Positive& Visible Transformation in your appearance so that you Look better,Feel better, Do better and Get treated better.

She will work with you as a Professional Counselor & Coach to evaluate, improve, enhance, update, and/or upgrade your Self-Presentation in all Personal, Social, and/or Professional situations.

Samira Gupta will also provide recommendations on appropriate Clothing, Grooming, Body Language, Etiquette & Manners, which are vital for achieving your roles & goals in personal and professional lives.

Each client is unique and brings a new set ofbody build, personal colouring, personality, lifestyle, perceptions, and preferences. Each new client requires a Personalized set of Solutions according to his or her Needs.

Scope of Services:

  • Lifestyle Analysis &Evaluation
  • Personality &Personal Style Analysis &Evaluation
  • Figure/Body shape Analysis &Evaluation – Dress according to your body shape
  • Personal Coloring Analysis &Evaluation – Wear your color to look younger and vibrant
  • Color Selection & Coordination
  • Fabric Selection & Coordination – Pattern, Texture, Weight etc
  • Wardrobe Analysis &Evaluation, Management & Fashion Styling
  • Accessory Selection & Coordination
  • Strategic Clothing & Clothing For Special Occasions
  • Smart Shopping
  • Clothing Care And Storage
  • Grooming & Personal Hygiene
  • Makeup Selection, Coordination, Application
  • Impression Management
  • Body Language – The Non-Verbal Communication
  • Dining Etiquette – Business & Social
  • Clothing Code Development – Professional Dress Code Policy and/or Uniform for Companies
  • Executive Coaching -
  • Personal or Self-Branding
  • Interview Skills & Dressing for Success
  • Public Speaking& Presentation Skills
  • Communication & Conversation Skills

The best part of her Wonderful job is watching her Clients achieve Success like never before, as they present themselves with Style and Grace, Ease and Confidence, in even the most Stressful Situations.