Impression Management For Senior Roles

The Client: The MD of a major BFSI firm

The Need: His work profile demanded him to dress in a certain way in order to command and manage his work force. However, he believed that functional skills mattered more than the way of dressing. The negative attitude was affecting the work environment.

Samira identified that he was sending derailing messages of lack of positive influential leadership. Using her unique style of consulting, Samira replaced his ignorance from dressing appropriately with the next level business formal look. With various assessments like personal colour assessment, style assessment, face shape, body shape and fit assessment, business formals he experienced comfort and appreciation at work place. He also witnessed a change in how he was perceived at the workplace. This made him realise the power of dressing and grooming right in sending the intended messages.

The Result: Today, he feels more confident and his dressing game has helped him improve his image, from the inside and the outside.