Executive Presence Coach in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR

Samira Gupta is certified in Marshal Goldsmith Stakeholders leadership coaching, executive and relationship coaching. She is a senior facilitator and consultant in corporate learning and development and possesses remarkable aptitude in delivering tangible results through her dynamic approach. Samira has coached corporate and executive clients across several industries.


Samira wishes to empower individuals with a positivemindset by breaking their self-limiting beliefs and pattern which may stop them from accomplishing their dreams and goals. Through her well-structured and result-oriented coaching,she formulates the effective blue print of success for all clients. Through executive coaching, Samira helps her clients repair, rebuild and replenish their minds, bodies, and souls.


Samira aims to equip individuals with life skills to transform their personal and professional life. She coaches individuals and empowers them with skills so that they can inspire and guide others.

The Path

  • Work with leaders in achieving their biggest dreams and goals by empowering them with skills such as executive presence and gravitas.
  • Work with leaders on their image and train them to improve their personal branding.
  • Work with leaders to modify and change their self-limiting beliefs that stop them from taking life-changing decisions.
  • Devise a strategic plan of action to help leaders determinehow they can take massive action and step out of their comfort zone to where real growth happens.

Coaching Outcomes for Executives

  • Gain clarity in their purpose; andbecome clear and focused on the goals and objectives that will radically change their life.
  • Help them manage their time effectively and productively.
  • Through coaching gain self-realization, self-confidence, and self-esteem;help them sharpen their skills and inspire and empower others
  • Help them learn the art of first impression and create their own personal brand
  • Boost influential skills and help them utilize boundless opportunities.
  • Help them inspire others to make a positive life transformation
  • Help them maintain human relationship
  • Enable them to approach problems and challenges in more strategic ways