Neuro-linguistic Programming & Hypnotherapy


corporate training services
To increase self- awareness
firewalking instructor training
To become aware of triggers that causehurt, pain, trauma, grief, sadness, depression and de-motivation
corporate training services
To get rid of phobias, fears, and limiting beliefs
executive presence and leadership coach
To get rid of addiction, stuttering and other limiting patterns
Leadership Coach
To get rid of anxiety, stress and fatigue
Emotional Wellness Coach
To reprogram your subconscious to shift from the fixed mindset to the growth mindset
leadership communication coach
To enhance productivity, focus and attention
firewalking instructor
To become confident, fearless and unlimited


  • Enhance self-love, self-acknowledgement, self-acceptance and self-appreciation
  • Re-program the subconscious for a happy mindset, harmonious relationships and better mental health
  • Freedom from phobias, fears and limiting beliefs to embrace new opportunities
  • Freedom from addictions and limiting patterns to attract positivity and abundance
  • Freedom from anxiety, stress and fatigue to improve mental wellness and performance
  • Shift to growth mindset to achieve personal and professional goals
  • Enhance productivity, focus and attention to accomplish personal and professional goals
  • Allow, accept and attract love, happiness, good health and abundance


Samira has helped me break my pattern of self-destructive negative talk, which has enabled me to grow personally and professionally. I strongly recommend her!
- Regional Head, IT Company
Samira ma’am has been a source of light to my dark world. She helped me get of my childhood trauma that was restricting me to do absolutely anything. I am now a successful, confident, and focused woman who known what she wants.
- Executive, CA Firm
Hypnotherapy has helped me get rid of so many fears that I had that stopped me from being myself. Today, I am a successful podcaster, a public figure, and most importantly I love myself.
- Podcaster