About Us

Samira Gupta, the founder of Auraa Image Management and Consulting (AIMC), is a seasoned life, leadership, relationship,and executive coach; senior facilitator and consultant in corporate learning and development. Samira has a remarkable aptitude to deliver tangible results through her dynamic approach.As a MGSCC Global Leadership Assessment (GLA)-360 certified coach, She has coached some of the top leaders to help them give their professional and personal best. The MGSCC ranks as the premier executive coaching process has enabled leaders with the requisite traits of self-determination and agility to transition from awareness to acceptance to action – all on the job!

Majority of leaders that are being coached by Samira under the 360-degree assessment have witnessed remarkable improvement in their leadership skills – not to mention the fact that people around these leaders have noticed this marked change as well. By enforcing positive behavioral change that is sustained, recognized, and acknowledged by the leaders themselves, Samira’s coaching enables them to lead and perform more effectively! Under Samira’s able guidance, corporate and executive clients have been able to cement their personal leadership brand equity.

Samira’s extensive experience of working with people in the top echelons of organizations, across the globe, has witnessed visible growth. What’s more is that the stakeholder centered coaching is integrated within their roles and does not require leaders to devote any 'extra valuable time' from their schedules.

Samira founded AIMC with a strong desire to make a positive difference through her corporate leadership coaching, life coaching and image coaching on executive presence, gravitas. Her competitive and multicultural work experiences have given her a multi-faceted understanding of international business and the necessity of leaders to project the appropriate and successful professional image.

Samira is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Kozhikode where she attainedher Master’s in Business Administration and Management. She is an NLP Practitioner andNational Award-winning Senior Image Consultant. She has certifications in Life Coaching (ICF),Relationship Coaching (ICF), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NFNLP), Image Consultancy(Conselle Institute of Image Management, USA),The 7 Habits ofHighly Effective People (Franklin Covey), and Wine Etiquette Trainer (WSET, London).

Samira constantly strives to achieve greater levels of perfection. It is towards this end that she is currently pursuing the Master PractitionerNLP and Advanced Life Coach Programmes from ANLP (India) and ECNLP (Australia), respectively.Samira is based in Gurugram and Delhi NCR.