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Coach Samira specializes in Executive Presence Coaching & Leadership Communication. She has created leadership development coaching & consulting programs focusing on executive presence, effective communication, emotional intelligence, empathy & overall gravitas. Her approach to coaching involves working with leaders to evaluate and improve their effectiveness through coaching conversations using theories of emotional intelligence, assessments & observations. Samira assists her clients in developing their self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management as a catalyst to improve their leadership and to create trust, credibility, influence & impact in business settings. She creates tangible goals and measurable outcomes as part of each coaching engagement to ensure alignment with organizational & personal goals.

Coach Samira builds open and honest relationships, providing leaders with realistic perceptions about skills and behaviors based on personal observations and 360˚ feedback interviews, and augmented with targeted surveys and self- assessment instruments. Her coaching helps individuals develop a process and pattern for learning and growth that goes well beyond her coaching engagements. Samira has significant experience working in multicultural organizations with a diverse range of executives. She works across all functionsincluding operations, sales, marketing, human resources, procurement, supply chain, production and finance & accounting. She has a remarkable aptitude & the attitude to deliver tangible results through her dynamic approach.

In the last decade, Samira has coached senior corporate and executive clients in manufacturing, fast-moving consumer goods, medical, information technology, information technology enabled services, banking and insurance, big four consulting, real estate, hospitality, advertising, education, legal and airline industries. She has also coached & consulted politicians & govt. of India officials.

She Has Written Several Articles For Major Publications of India Like TOI, ET, HT, Indian Express, India Today, New Indian Express, Entrepreneur, Telegraph (UK) & More. She Is A Published Co-Author Of An International Bestselling Book “The Successful Mind”, Along With Other Renowned Coaches Of The Globe.

Samira is based in Gurugram. She is an avid reader of body language and a learner at heart. She is proficient in Hindi & English Languages.


One to One Coached 500 +
Professionals Trained 5L +
Empanelled Facilitator 25 +



Guide, mentor, philosopher, Guru. Values driven. Exciting. Charming. Insightful. Depth. Coach...These are just some of the words that come to my mind when I think of Samira who I count amongst the few most impactful people I have known in my life. Samira has helped me immensely to anchor my beliefs in myself and the world around me, and guided me towards articulating these in a balanced manner to achieve remarkable growth in (both) the professional and personal spheres of my life. She has helped me become a better rounded personality, and has brought immense clarity in my understanding of my own inner self and thereafter beautifully bridging the realms of my inner and outer images. Samira has enabled me greatly in my pursuit of building leadership gravitas, an attribute most critical to the success of young corporate professionals who are aspiring to making it to the C-Suite early in their professional careers. Overall, Samira has helped me become a better individual and professional in the short duration that I have known her. I consider myself lucky to have her as my coach, and thank her for providing a clear perspective to the complexities of life, which does tend to be convoluted on many occasions. It’s been a pleasure having Samira as my coach and do indeed look forward to taking our relationship to successful heights in the future. Thank you, Samira!
She truly is the support and guiding force in the process of discovery of me. She's so inspiring and conveys the concepts with such simplicity and clarity, that it’s very easy to put to use in our daily life and hence becomes a habit.Every session with her leaves you with a thought with pushes you to think and work on yourself with full zeal and enthusiasm.I've really developed a lot of confidence and clarity of thought. She's helped me in identifying my sense of style and class.She's helped me understand how small gestures help in creating a great impact.This has helped in my personal as well as professional life. One of the most important things she's taught me is that it is all about the ‘Attitude’. If you feel good inside, it reflects outside. So we need to work on building the right attitude and outlook.I've become much more positive, happy and handle my emotions much better. I feel much more focused and it gives me immense satisfaction when I achieve the little milestones I set for myself each day.I absolutely recommend every person one interaction with her and the rest will flow. Thank you Samira Ma'am, love our sessions thoroughly and looking forward for many more.
- Sr. Consultant, BFSI
It has been a great experience learning from you.I have become a better leader, developed influential power, gravitas and executive presence. I have used the power of dressing in my favour, which has helped me hold command and influence my organisation’s workforce. I have become empathetic and use emotional intelligence to connect with people better. My body language has transformed to that of a charismatic leader, enhancing my image in my professional and personal life. With regular practice, I have been able to develop strong people skills, I connect with people in public forums, my talks and speeches have impact, and I exuberate confidence.

Another very important part was the help in discovering a hidden skills- asking the right questions.

Samira has a very welcoming personality and it was very easy to connect with her, which made the communication very effective. Her technique of coaching is simple and learning flows with ease.