Life Coaching


Get clarity of your Vision & Mission by setting SMART goals
Building self-confidence and a growth mindset
Building healthy relationships
Emotional Intelligence and Empathy
Personal Development & career growth
Work-life balance, stress and time management
Adaptability and change management
Break barriers and limiting beliefs


Managing Relationships With Boss

Reprogramming The Brain

Longing Promotion


  • Coached clients gain clarity of their purpose and guide them to the path of accomplishing their mission by setting the right goals
  • Sparked self-confidence in a client by working on heracceptance of self and others
  • Transformed the relationship of a couple by helping them understand themselves and each other better
  • Coached a senior level employee enabling him manage his team better with emotional intelligence and empathy
  • Enabled a client to identify self-destructive triggers and transformed his mind-set to growth and personal development
  • Changed the life of a client by guiding him to his passion and today he runs a successful global start up
  • Empowered clients by transforming their limiting beliefs to a driven mind-set
  • Helped a client break her pattern of procrastination by working on her inner self and today she is a successful CHRO of a leading company


Samira has helped me gain clarity of my purpose, which I had been seeking for the longest time. I feel much more happy and satisfied.
- Sr. Manager, BFSI
I was able to identify my blind spots and work upon them, which has helped in my personal and professional life.
- Dean, MBA Institute
Coaching with Samira has been a journey of discovery, and developing soft skills which has increased my productivity.
- Executive, IT Firm