Reprogramming The Brain

The Client: A politician of the leading political party

The Need: Finds it difficult to connect with people, engage with them and unable to build a rapport. Also, while his speeches are relevant and informative, he was unable to connect at the emotional level. Coach Samira helped him understand the importance of aligning all 4 aspects of life in order to operate from state of coherence between the intent, mind, heart, words, tone, expressions, and the body language. Through personal assessments, coaching sessions, and practice, he was able to learn the art of connecting with people at the heart level and create better interpersonal experiences with all the people he met.

The Result: He became an inspiring speaker, made other people feel comfortable with his interactions. By his improved listening skills, he connected better with people. Using the right tonality and facial expressions, he was able to emotionally connect with the public as never before.