Managing Relationships With Boss

The Client: A working woman facing issues with boss

The Need: Difficulty in managing expectations, not getting appreciation, facing bias, experiencing rejection or isolation & negative feedback.

Using some psychometric assessments, Samira identified the areas of improvement in the coachee and helped her understand that she needed to work on her ego state, aggressive communication, listening skills & empathy. The coach identified, that she was wearing her “life blinkers”, which were preventing her from seeing the boss’s perspective. Through regular coaching with Samira she identified her blind spots, became more self-aware, learnt to manage her ego better and understood how to empathise with her boss, take feedback constructively & became more assertive. The “AHA”moment came with the clarity that “she” had the control of how her boss was going to treat her.

The Result: Her equation with the boss changed significantly creating better understanding, relationship and a harmonious working environment. The boss started trusting her, giving her new assignments. This boosted her self-esteem. As a by product; she also started creating better relationships with other co-workers, friends and family. She is happy, and accomplished professional woman.