The Art Of Creating An Impeccable Impression

The Client: A Senior Charted Accountant in one of the Big 4 Consulting Firms

The Need: The client had been struggling with low self-confidence, poor communication skills and paid no attention to her dressing and grooming. Being at a senior position, she was expected to not only perform well but also display the qualities required for the next level position. Despite her ability to perform well she was unable to create the right impression in front of her boss, colleagues and also in her personal life. In meeting rooms or social gatherings, she was struggling to put his point across assertively. Her low self-confidence resulted in creating a negative image for herself.

As her Image Consultant, Samira observed that she was an expert of the technical skills of her domain but her low confidence was a result of her lack of belief in self. Samira enabled her to identify her blind spot with examples of incidents where she displayed low self-confidence and poor communication skills. With the help of regular consulting sessions, she developed self-confidence and began to communicate effectively. She also understood the importance of dressing and grooming appropriately.

The Result: Over a period of 6 months of regular consulting and assessments, she witnessed tremendous changes in her dressing and grooming. In her words, she became mindful and aware of the way she dressed. Her colleagues and family members also started appreciating the changes. As she started dressing and grooming, her self-confidence also improved. Now, she loves to dress and look nice, she voices her opinion and is more confident that ever.