A leader is not born, but made – Be a leader in the making

Human beings can attain anything once they set their mind, have a tunnel vision and work towards goal under any kind of circumstances. For instance, Abraham Lincoln, one of the greatest leaders to grace the face of this planet, faced substantial setbacks from 1831 to 1860 including defeats in state legislatures, business, Congress nomination, US Senate, and vice presidency among others. He also faced nervous breakdowns, bankruptcy, and other issues along the way but was finally elected as the US president in 1860. 

During the 30-year period, there would perhaps have been many who thought of him as a misfit in the position of a world leader. However, it was his persistence, mental strength and belief that enabled him to prove that he was, in fact, a true leader. Each one of his failures and setbacks led to his success, which is why leadership is about the experiences we face as much as our personality development

Hence, rather than standing on the sid
e of those who believe the contrary that leaders are born rather than made, it is better to face the optimistic side. An individual’s battle must not be considered against others, but rather with oneself; a battle to improve which will eventually translate into improvement in those around them – that is the mark of a true leader. This mentality can be created through a form of inspiration; the source of which can be an individual experience or another person. However, the fire can ignite within us at any point in our lives, if we allow it to.  

This can only happen when individuals begin believing that they have the abilities and qualities to become a leader. For some, leadership qualities may come naturally because their circumstances have harnessed their subconscious belief through years of conditioning. Others may need to put more effort to start believing. Again, that doesn’t give away the fact that in both situations, leaders have been made – whether it has been through a conscious or subconscious effort.  

The greatest leaders demarcate themselves through consistency in effort, discipline, communication, learning, belief, inspiration, and decisivenessLeaders can take the humble route like Mother Teresa, or the arrogant route like Mohammed Ali. However, the fact is that at the end of the day, both individuals made it to the summit of their worlds because they were consistent. They were willing to undergo the sacrifices involved. Although every individual has the tools to become a leader in the making, it doesn’t give them the divine right to assume leadership or decline to put in the hours of toil. Leadership roles come at a cost of immense sacrifice, but everyone has the potential to assume this roleIt’s a matter of choice. 

Do you want to be a leader in the making?