How can Executive Presence coaching help?

“Star performers are very likely to attract sponsors, and loyal performers are very likely to keep them. But if they fail to distinguish themselves, these loyal performers run the risk of becoming permanent seconds, lieutenants who never make captain. To position themselves for the top job, protégés must therefore contribute something the leader prizes but may intrinsically lack:”
― Sylvia Ann Hewlett

Imagine, a critical position in an organization is vacant and the senior management is looking for a suitable employee to shoulder responsibilities. Two colleagues run in the race of impressing the management. While both of them are masters of functional skills required for that position, only one of them will be selected. Over a period of time, one employee prospers while the other feels stuck. The former becomes an essential part of the company, while the latter restricts to the job duties. Why does this happen?

This happens because the former employee is not only talented but also possesses skills that create an impact. The power to influence and drive people to a common vision is the sign of a true leader.

What is Executive Presence?

Executive presence is the ability of an individual to engage, inspire and connect with those around them. Leaders with a strong executive presence are admired because of their professional magnetism. They build trust and credibility wherever they go. Such leaders command the room with their charm and charisma.

Why is Executive Presence important?

While leadership in an organisation can be positional, a strong Executive Presence is independent of authority or title. It is a skill that will help you in every aspect of your life, shaping positive outcomes. Executive presence is a perfect companion if you aspire to climb the ladder of success.

How can a strong Executive Presence coaching help you?

An executive presence coaching will help you strengthen your leadership qualities and boost power. It will help you develop a strong personal brand based on trust, credibility and respect. The executive presence coaching program focuses on building a strong personal brand, help you increase boardroom presence and cultivate leadership gravitas. The coaching will equip you with emotional intelligence, team management skills, risk taking, decision making, and many more.

Who is Executive Presence coaching for?

Like we said, executive presence coaching is independent of position. It is for everyone who aspires to become an inspirational leader. It is for people who aspire to become strong and powerful corporate professionals. It is also for people who aspire to learn the life skills of work-life balance, time management, stress management, change management & adaptability, making critical decisions, and many more.

Everyone is capable of improving their executive presence with practice and patience. The opportunities you get is dependent on the confidence you have inspired in the people around you. The more critical the opportunity, the more important executive presence becomes.

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