Personal Coaching for Politicians: Why and When

As an understanding and study of human behaviour, personal coaching is a speciality which politicians are in dire need of just as much as corporate heads. The practice and art were born to support political leaders during modern polarising and partisan environments.

To solve any false presumptions, personal coaches are not consultants or strategists who derive election campaigning plans. They instead create one-on-one relationships with political candidates or aspirants, equipping them with the personal tools and knowledge to clarify and establish their vision for their political tenure. In addition, personal coaches may be the only people who provide honest reflective listening without any political agendas.

Personal coaches provide support to a politician by developing their critical awareness. The former thus guide the latter in identifying gaps between aims and actions while challenging unconscious assumptions that tend to create inconsistencies.

Personal coaches help in the following ways –

  • Their ultimate focus lies on developing and enhancing the politician’s personal leadership style
  • They ensure that the politician develops the skills required for collaborative leadership unlike any other. For instance, building alliance across old political boundaries while creating a genuine relationship with other leaders as well.
  • Personal coaches help create and maintain a confidential relationship wherein politicians are able to discuss their concerns, grievances, doubts etc. that they may not otherwise be comfortable sharing with someone else.
  • They also help politicians manage their stress and anxiety when the stakes are high, or times are tumultuous.
  • Amidst unwavering political views from others, personal coaches are the rare few to help politicians discover new possibilities or perspectives.
  • The help provided by personal coaches isn’t limited to winning the next election but goes far beyond in developing higher visions for public office; while keeping the vision alive during times of struggle, or even defeat.

When is the right time?

There is no prerequisite for a politician to seek the service of a personal coach, however, the following few situations may give politicians a better idea as to when personal coaches can especially work wonders.

  • When a politician considers running for elections, especially for the first time or even more so when a politician considers running despite being defeated earlier.
  • After winning an election as personal coaches can help set their agendas for the first few months or quarters.
  • When a politician ponders about whether their time is up or not, so as to both affirm then end decision as well as prepare for life before and after retirement.
  • When increasing demands begin causing imbalances between personal and public life.
  • During stressful periods when a politician’s vision, purpose, direction, and passion begin blurring and when there’s a cry for inspiration and energy.

In conclusion

There is every possibility for politicians to get overwhelmed as they have to bear immense pressure in today’s fast-paced world of power politics. In such circumstances, politicians tend to lose focus and divert from their ambitions. Personal coaches thus play a crucial role in holding politicians to their commitments and pushing them to achieve higher motives. In addition, the confidentiality within the relationship becomes integral in helping politicians to comprehend and integrate the various pieces of advice they receive from other political leaders.