Some Tips for Creating a Positive First Impression

1. Pleasing Appearance

Always dress according to the occasion: formal, semi-formal, smart casual, casual or evening/party wear. Make sure your clothes look attractive in addition to being appropriate, for example; you could add a bright color tie or a scarf to your outfit or use different patterns of fabrics to make the outfit interesting etc. Ensure your clothes are well ironed, fit your body well and are clean & fresh. Have good grooming by being neat, tidy and presentable, including your nails, hair and shoes. If you look good, you feel good and with that you feel more confident and have better self-esteem and above all, you get treated better.

2. Confident Body Language

Have a good standing or sitting posture, i.e. do not slouch, have open hand gestures, maintain eye contact, give a firm handshake, show active signs of listening (lean forward, nod or comment) when they are talking and remember to smile (genuinely), it creates good will and is a sign of friendship.

3. Be Punctual

Be on time, in fact it is better to be a few minutes early than late. Punctuality is an assertion that you are reliable; it is a way to show that you value your time and that of others. This will demonstrate that you are organized and this will also allow you sometime to prepare before the meeting.

4. Be Yourself, Calm and Relaxed

Be authentic & confident of who you are, your competition should be with yourself and not others, you are competing with self, raising your own bar and getting better each day; in your looks, behavior, communication, thinking patterns and outlook towards people and life….So be at ease with yourself.  Almost everyone gets a little nervous when meeting someone for the first time. The more you meet people and practice, the easier it will become.

5. Small Talk and Network

Connect with people and build rapport as “people like people who are like them”… Think of topics you can discuss and find out about common interests e.g. outdoor games, indoor games, music & books etc. In the UK it is always easy to start with the weather as it changes so often and can be different in different areas.

6. Be Polite

Making a good impression includes being polite and courteous to the other person. Remember to turn off your mobile phone when in conversation or in noise sensitive areas, be gentle, be aware of the etiquette and manners of various situations. Use the magic words; Sorry, Please & Thank you. Greet people with a smile, drop a compliment, be friendly and helpful and last but not the least – be tolerant.

7. Be Positive

“Having a positive mental attitude is asking how something can be done rather than saying it can’t be done.”
Bo Bennett

Be positive & enthusiastic, try to help others, be a good listener, listen to uplifting music, read something motivational, exercise daily, shun the negative thoughts and smile a lot. Sad & negative people do not make a good impression.