The Art & Science of Presenting Yourself Right

So what is Image Management?

It’s the art & science of presenting yourself right. It’s about being Appropriate, Authentic & Attractive in every situation. It’s about conveying the right messages without speaking. It’s about managing the perceptions other people form about you It’s about being aware & conscious of where you are today & where you want to be. It’s an ongoing, pro-active process of evaluating and controlling the impact of your appearance on you, on others, and the achievement of your goals. To say the least, it has become the most essential skill to stand out, to just be noticed, to get that chance, that dream job, that promotion, that special date or that business deal. It’s about time that we start managing our image in a more conscious & positive manner whether we’re a celebrity, an interviewee, a public servant, a business owner, a mother, a young adult or a CEO…..

Each one of us needs to project an image that is in sync with what they really wish to communicate.


Is Image Management important for a Corporate Professional?

Well, an organization’s corporate image is reflected in the employees & this impacts how clients, future prospects and business partners perceive the organization.A credible & professional image is essential, so that people want to know us, like us & want to engage with us professionally.

Also, with rapid globalization in the Indian corporate sector today,

Organizations have become very conscious about hiring employees who can represent themselves in a well-dressed, well-groomed, well-behaved & well-spoken manner. This comprehensive image management also enhances your self-confidence, it affects your performance at work positively.

Image also has a profound impact on your Emotional Quotient.  If you look good and feel great, you respond to others and yourselves in more positive & growing ways & that makes you more productive, confident and effective. When you define your image you have a sense of control, a direction and a positive approach towards every aspect of your life.


Is Image management important only for a Corporate Professional?

Well, here are couple of questions you need to get answers for:

  • Is your Personal Branding working well for you?
  • Do you Look like you’re a business owner?
  • Do you Dress Appropriately for the Role & for the Goal of your Life?
  • Is your Body Language helping you win some great deals?
  • Do you communicate using the right words & the right tone of your voice?
  • Are you leaving a Great Impression behind after you finish a Personal, Social & Professional Meeting?
  • Why should someone want to spend time with you & listen to you?


Positive personal image is the starting point to becoming known, liked & trusted. So it’s vital that you are positively remembered. As it, helps you to stand out and to move up on the ladder of success.

So how can we do it? 

Today, I want to share with you the 3 most crucial elements of creating a good first impression….. & these are:

  • Appearance, Behaviour & Communication

The ABC of Image management .…

ABC skills carry high social respect and improve our credibility in social & professional spaces