The Genius Of Leadership Communication

"All communication must lead to change”.

- Aristotle

Yes, effective Leadership Communication is more than just articulating the right words; it is also about articulating the right attitude of authority. It is the mark of a successful leader to have meaningful exchanges that not only engage the minds of his people but also their hearts, and drives collaboration, interaction and engagement, that in turncreate effective teams. As an inspiring leader, your communication should be all about emotional intelligence & connecting with yourlistenersnot only at the head level but also at the heart level. Thus, it is important to hone the tool of Leadership Communication in order to further the best interest of your business. Having said that,here are some of the things that you can pay attention to while communicating with your team:

1. Openness

Effective communication is a two-way process. Stop, look, listen and give your team a chance to give you non-verbal clues, even if they are hesitant to give you verbal clues due to your position or authority.

See things from the point of view of your team, ask good questions for good answers and be open for their response or even their reactions. To be able to understand their feelings is an important skill that you must develop. By aligning yourself with your team’s mindset, it would be easier for you to connectand convey what you must.

2. Visibility

Good Leadership Communicationentails that the team feels a personal attachment to its leader and the work he believes in. For this to happen, it is important to be actively present in the conversation without any distractions, be vocal by acknowledging what is being said by using the right tone of voiceand by conveying care & consideration.

3. Intention

Vocal dynamics, ie... how you deliver words, is received by and stored in the right side of the brain. If the brain picks up the lack of vocal intention, it leaves the audience unmoved and skeptical. Hence, the words you choose to communicate, as a leader must be supported by robust intentions.

It is further important to clearly define objectives while communicating with your team, so as to appeal to their aspirations and emotions. Use a tone that defines your leadership attribute, a tone that has depth, poise, calmness and power. Leadership Communication can clearly define a culture, overcome hardships, motivate people and facilitate change.

4. Emotional Intelligence

To communicate effectively as a leader, it is imperative to be self-aware, calm, disciplined and empathetic to improve the quality of your headship by displaying these traits of emotional intelligence.To be an influencer you have to inspire your people not scare. This will certainly take you one step closer to achieving your organizational goals.

Communication is only 7% through words and 93% through your body language and tone of voice. So, while addressing your team, be mindful of your words, voice tone, postures, gestures & facial expressions to convey the right message, in the right manner so you can encourage your team, spread confidence& inspire them with your charismatic communication skills & style.