The hare or the tortoise: Temporary change for Permanent Transformation

It is safe to say that almost every individual on the face of this planet has a desire to garner success or happiness. However, these desires may not be intrinsically ardent; rather the thoughts may merelyfloat in the air throughout the course of our lives. This boils down to the fact that even if we earnestly introspect and condemn our weaknesses, we fail to sustainably act upon them. Mental hurdles in the form of wayward excuses form road blocks and we in turn give in to procrastination.

The importance of ‘minor’ changes in one’s life can thus never be exaggerated. In our quest for all the relatively larger things in life, we fail to realize the paramount importance of the little things or changes that can lead us to our desired destinations. This is one of the simple secrets of the world that lies in front of our faces, but we subconsciously choose to ignore it. However, the leaders of the world understand this key ingredient to success and hence make these temporary changes in their lives to endure permanent transformations.

It is perhaps ironic or even sardonically unbelievable that merely 10 minutes that comprises 0.69% of our day, can undeniably make unfathomable changes to our lives. These 10 minutes can be set aside each day for meditation, scheduling, research and observation of our activities and goals and help us prioritize thereby inducing productivity.

The reason that minor yet temporary changes produce the best results is because they require minimal energy to execute. Big strides at single instances can be overwhelming and draining and in turn hinder our motivation. These small acts however allow a seamless adjustment for our bodies and minds making it irrefutably easier in comparison.

It is thus vital to deviate from the tendency to involve ourselves in the mundane aspects of our lives. This consumes our time and energy leaving no scope for any productivity. Life teaches us the value of time, and time teaches us the value of life. This symbiotic reality must stir consistency and focus in our daily lives to change for the better; advisably through baby steps. It becomes crucial to avoid biting more than one can chew and rather slowly edge towards the finish line. A familiar childhood story comes to mind; the choice however is ours.