Interview skills

Did you know that the first impression takes all of just 5 seconds to be formed?

Yes, that’s true! From the time you enter the room and walk towards the interviewer, the first impression about you is already formed!

And then it's the dialogue with the prospective employer for a few minutes that determines the path of your professional careers for years to come?
While this certainly goes to show just how important our image and conduct is for the advancement of our professional life, let’s be mindful of the fact that inside an interview room, there is no rewind button to undo an erroneous start.

It is extremely important to take note of all that one can be assessed for during an interview to ensure a flawless & impressive interaction from start to finish. Read on for some important pointers on how to appear & behave in an interview.

interview skill

Look Appropriate – Charm them!

Dress the part! If you look “well put together”, it is deemed that you would also “put your work together well”. What you wear and how you are groomed says a lot about whether or not someone like you would add value to your role & to the image of the organization, so dress to charm your interviewer in good business formals (pic) and invest in good grooming practice (pic) to appear careful, proper, professional & smart.  

Interview skills

Stand & Walk Tall – Impress them!

Always remember that your body language speaks volumes.
It’s important to enter the room with enthusiasm & energy, with your shoulders straight up, chin up – just about up (pic), & with a confident smile. When offered a hand, shake that hand with firmness maintaining an eye contact and with a genuine smile (Samira’s pic from NAR). Maintain a good straight posture while sitting too (pic) & keep your hands in sight of the interviewer (either on the arm rest of your chair or on the table). You would be surprised to know that your correct posture and impressive handshake can actually be one of the strongest deciding factors which can help score over several others in the selection process. So practice a confident walk, a confident sitting posture & a good hand shake to impress your interviewer.

Interview skills

Behave Right – Amaze them!

It is wise to always be mindful of your etiquette & mannerisms as this is being observed too. Great organizations value good manners & etiquette.
So, make a special effort to be aware of your surroundings, be courteous, be polite, use the magic words; thank you, please, sorry etc. Arrive at least 15 minutes earlier, switch off your mobile phone before you enter the room, keep your documents ready and neatly in a nice folder, ask for permission to come in, do not extend your hand unless you are offered one for hand shake, wait till you are asked to sit, greet each & everyone with a smile an avoid talking out of turn, allow the other person to finish talking before you start. Good etiquette & manners never go unnoticed, so go out there, amaze them & shine like a polished diamond!